India’s Gigantic Second Wave

India’s gigantic second wave

Record levels of infection have put huge strain on the health service and highlighted the perils of complacency in the nationalist government

aving to a cheering crowd of thousands at an election rally in West Bengal, the Indian prime minister lapped up the adulation from supporters as he goaded the opposition. “In all directions I see huge crowds of people . . . I have never seen such crowds at a rally,” Narendra Modi declared.

He cut a more statesmanlike figure later on Saturday evening, photographed alone during a video conference with officials as he discussed the catastrophic second wave of Covid-19 infections that has engulfed the country over the past month. Attempting to rally the nation, he declared: “India defeated Covid-19 last year. We can do it again with the same principles but with greater speed and co-ordination.”


The Times, UK

Date Published:

19 April 2021

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